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I usually turn on your music when I start my early morning devotions. Every time I listen to it, I feel a burden is lifted off of my shoulders and feel the awesome presence of our Lord!! Thank you!
Margaret, Waskaganish - Cree Nation

We are going through a very very hard time right now. I just listened to your music and it is blessing us so much; It's absolutely amazing! I have shivers up my spine and no words to describe it! I love it so much, I'm telling my entire family! Thank you so much for using your gift of music!
Marian, Canada

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Restful prayer, abiding or soaking is not a new concept, but an attempt to describe the practise of silently sitting at the feet of Jesus: To become still and spend quality time with our Maker.  So much of modern life and noise has invaded our private world, home and even our church life. We need to return to these times of stillness more than ever.

In fact we should consider our priorities closely and invest time into the one relationship that give us true peace: We should not only set time aside on Sunday morning to confirm our relationship with God, but make it a daily commitment.

Instrumental soaking music is sometimes confused with New Age meditation music but we recommend to only use Christ based music during your devotional times!

The purpose of 'soaking' music is to help create a peaceful atmosphere where one can rest and immerse in the presence of God. In our busy lives we need to be anchored into the daily truth that God alone is our strength. Like Mary we need times where we sit at His feet and simply listen (Luke 10:42). We surrender and pause our lives as we wait for Him and His direction. 

Instrumental soaking music is not common during Sunday morning church services in most churches. However it has found a place during times of prayer both in church and at home.

Besides the biblical roots of using music to help enter Gods presence, we also find historical roots in the book titled ‘The Practice of the Presence of God’ including letters by 17th century French monk Brother Lawrence. The Catholic Church describe ‘soaking’ as silent worship or contemplative prayer and it's  practise has been around for centuries.
In  the Catechism of the Catholic Church, St. Teresa states: "Contemplative prayer is a close sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us. It seeks Him 'whom my soul loves'. It is Jesus, and in Him, the Father. We seek Him, because to desire Him is always the beginning of love, and we seek Him in that pure faith which causes us to be born of Him and to live in Him. In this inner prayer we can still meditate, but our attention is fixed on the Lord himself."

Soaking music as a music genre is a relatively new and has developed to include spontaneous singing, free praise, and the prophetic. Often spontaneous in nature, it includes an unstructured approach with plenty of space and a relaxing mood. Simple and melodic lines are used and sudden changes or upbeat, driving rhythms are often avoided.

Creation Music brings simple, anointed, instrumental music on the backdrop of nature sounds.

Meet The Artist

Creation Music is the work of Bart de Krijger. Born in The Netherlands, he now lives in Canada with his wife and two daughters. He has traveled the world as itinerant pastor, speaker and worship leader. Over the years he has released several worship and instrumental albums.  Find more information at www.bdkmusic.com

Creation Music

Our mission is to help you rest in Gods presence by creating a peaceful atmosphere where we abide in Him. Much in the same way as David played his harp and peace would come (1Sam.16:23). Each day we post 10 minutes of fresh instrumental music so you can use it during your daily devotional time.

Creation Music brings live recorded videos with simple, anointed, instrumental music on the backdrop of nature sounds. This creates a peaceful environment that helps you focus and relax at the same time: It helps us to calm down and enjoy quality time with God.

Restful Prayer Tips

Resting in Gods presence is not passive: It is a style of prayer where we show God that we are laying down our agenda and humble ourselves before Him. As we pause in silent prayer, we surrender control to God; confirming His lordship in our lives.

Here are some steps to abide in God's presence during these times of silent prayer:

  1. Find a comfortable place (you may want to lie down)
  2. Dedicate this time to the sovereign direction of Jesus Christ
  3. Relax and allow yourself to become still
  4. Write down any ‘to do’ items that come to mind, so they won’t distract you anymore
  5. Listen to gentle instrumental music and invite Holy Spirit to direct you
  6. Rest in faith, believing He is working in you
  7. Take as much time as you can (aim for 10 minutes to relax and receive)
  8. Respond to the direction of the Father
  9. Write it down if you felt God spoke to you in any way
  10. Get up refreshed and full of the Holy Spirit

As you rest in the presence of God you may want to turn to the Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to help you find a passage to focus on. But remember that this specific time is not for the purpose of study:

This time is about ‘being’ with God, not ‘doing’ things for God. There should be no agenda. Just ‘be’ with God, communing with Jesus and spending time at His feet.  


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