Frequently Asked Questions

Are these instrumental version of existing worship songs?
NO - Creation Music sessions are not an instrumental version of an existing song: The music is spontaneous,  combined with sounds of creation. The sessions have no singing and only sometimes a short familiar melody line of an existing song. I purposely chose this style in order to provide a tool to quickly enter into a time of rest and encounter God in your own unique way: The music stays in the background and does not distract nor direct, thus leaving it completely open for you to be led by God.

Can I find this music on Youtube for free?
NO -  The daily app was created to provide you with a unique experience AND enable you to support me as an artist at the same time.  Free music that financially blesses the artist does not exist: Streaming services like Spotify pay an artist only $0.0016 and YouTube only $0.0006, each time a song is played! So I trust that you enjoy my music and ministry enough to support me as well.

I like you and what you do, but I don't think I would use this app.
Not a problem! But consider signing up just to support me? It starts at only

$1/month.  Even small amounts of monthly support make all the difference!

What do I need to sign up?
A working email address or Facebook account to create an account with Patreon.
And a Credit Card or Paypal account to set up your monthly membership.

Do I need a Credit Card / Paypal to sign up?
A Credit Card or Paypal is the easiest and fastest way to sign up. (You can safely create a PayPal account for free using only your bank card, or even with only your bank cheque information. Create a PayPal account here: )

IDEAL - Hier worden alle PayPal stappen eenvoudig uitgelegd voor in Nederland:

EU Citizens - Contact me if you live in a EU country and do not have a credit card nor PayPal account.

We can set up an automatic transfer into an EU bank account instead.

Can you help me sign me up?
YES -  Click here if you need my help!

I have never heard of Patreon. Can I trust it?
YES - Patreon was created to bring creators and their fans (patrons) together. Many Youtube vloggers use Patreon as a platform to provide exclusive video content to those that want to financially support them. Each month over a million dollars of support is processed through Patreon and 100 million since its launch. There are over 50.000 active creators and 1 million monthly patrons.

Can I listen to it offline?
YES - Actually, you can! The $10/month membership enables you do download the weekly One Hour audio sessions. On your phone, these small files stay inside the app and you can listen to them anywhere!
That membership level also makes these One Hour sessions available as Podcast! You simply add your unique personal link as a new podcast channel to your favourite player.

I love using Podcasts but I'm unfamiliar with Patreon...
Thats not a problem! The moment you sign up for Creation Music through Patreon, you will receive an email with a unique link to your own Podcast feed. Add this in your favourite Podcast player and enjoy Creation Music as a Podcast. If you want you can forget all about Patreon and all the other features there and simply enjoy the weekly Podcasts!

Do I need a smart phone?
Creation Music uses the Patreon platform which can be used on any smart phone. Apple/Android/etc. It is also available as a website on your computer:

I don't live in North America. Can I still use the app?
YES - People are using it in Europe, China, Australia, etc! If you cannot find Patreon in the app store on your phone; it is still accessible and usable as a website:

When can I listen to the music?
The moment you sign up, you get access to ALL the sessions! You can scroll through all the post and play all the music you want! Already that's hours and hours and hours! And hours!

How long do I sign up for?
As long as you wish: You can cancel at any moment!

When do I pay?
The moment you sign up, you pay a one month fee to get access to all the content. After that you are automatically charged your membership fee at the first of each month.

I hear an electric piano and I only like acoustic piano.
I purposely use an array of sounds, like acoustic piano, electric piano, choirs, dream guitar and other soundscapes. Acoustic piano is used in about 20% of the sessions.

I actually prefer songs with words/singing.
Nothing wrong with that! I would suggest you start your devotional time with one or two praise & worship songs and continue with my instrumental music.

I don't have the finances for this!
I have tried to make Creation Music as accessible and affordable as possible. So while we pray that your finances will improve, why not consider becoming a Supporter starting at only $1/month? This allows you to use the app and have access to the free material. At any time you can upgrade to a monthly membership.

Thank you for reading this far! It shows me that you are interested in what I do.

I'd love to hear from you as it is very encouraging to get your feedback!


Frequently Asked Questions