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I love your music! I listen to it every day all the time. I was first introduced to it during a retreat when I had my very first encounter with God. Ever since then, whenever I hear the music I immediately sense the presence of God.
Joanne, Virginia, USA


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Two weeks ago we used your music in the Negev dessert and during in a soaking session in Christchurch, Jerusalem. Now we're playing it for 22 former child soldiers here in Uganda while they have come to abide in the Father's Love for a weekend! 
Winette, Uganda

Each week we take a portable display of the Father's Love to the street and offer prayer for people. When we play your music, we actually notice how it affects people on the street as they slow down and listen!
Stuart, United Kingdom

I was listening to your music again last night but this time really listened to the music and different instruments and how integrated they were. You truly have a gift: It brings me into Gods presence regularly. Thank you so much!
Norman, Australia

Thank you so much for your music and your teaching on resting/soaking in Father's presence! I always listen to your CD's when I go to sleep at night and I no longer struggle with depression! Everyone should hear your music!
Jane, Canada