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• Exclusive instrumental music - not published anywhere else!

• Every day: 10 minute online video
• Every Sunday: One hour online video with nature scenes
• LIVE pre-recorded in HD quality audio and video

ALL  ACCESS  MEMBER:  ($10/month)

All the BASIC rewards, plus:

• Enjoy the videos at anytime after it is posted

• In-app download of any session for offline use!

• Access to all the previous posted audio and video
• Free copy of any new Creation Music album

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All the ALL ACCESS rewards, plus:

​• Authorizes the account to use in groups

• Puts a huge smile on my face and food on our table for a day!

Your music has helped me so much with falling asleep. I have been having trouble relaxing and falling asleep, and your music is so peaceful: It is the perfect start of my nights. Thank you so much for this great tool to rest in Gods presence during my sleep! I feel more rested and have less trouble with depression and feeling stressed.
David, Taiwan

"This is so wonderful! I love having your anointed music on my phone and on my computer. Every time it's fresh, every time it brings Gods presence. Thank you so much!"

Hanny - Canada

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Receive a 10 min. video of my live pre-recorded anointed calming music each day

AND one whole hour every Sunday! 

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Each Sunday I post one hour with stunning nature scenes 

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Many times I have been lying on the carpet listening to your music. It has restored my relationship with Father God and my father. Thank you for being part of such wonderful experience! I pray that God will bless you as you have blessed so many others!
Grace, Taiwan

10 minutes each day

Every day I post 10 min. of my live pre-recorded calming music 

​Exclusive instrumental music - not published anywhere else!