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Tips and encouragements on peace, stress and rest

Many times I have been lying on the carpet listening to your music. It has restored my relationship with Father God and my father. Thank you for being part of such wonderful experience! I pray that God will bless you as you have blessed so many others!
Grace, Taiwan

1. What is the Daily App?

One hour weekly sessions

Each Sunday we post one hour with stunning nature scenes 

This daily app - which can be used on any phone and computer - gives you immediate access to all the music ever released by Creation Music. Which is already more than 100 hours! 

Every day we post 10 min video of live recorded anointed calming music AND one whole hour each Sunday, which you can download / use as a Podcast. ​And more!

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3. How do I sign up?

BASIS  MEMBER: ($5/month)

• Every day: 10 minute online video of  instrumental music
• Every Sunday: One hour online video session
• Recorded live in high quality audio and video

• Immediate access to the entire library!

• Tips and articles on rest, peace and dealing with stress

• Use on computer AND any mobile device

• Optional email reminders / notifications

• No credit card needed

ALL  ACCESS  MEMBER:  ($10/month)

• Enjoy One Hour audio Sessions offline:

Download the One Hour Sessions audio each Sunday

• Podcast feed of weekly One Hour Sessions

• MP3 download of 2 existing CDs
• Free copy of any new Creation Music CD

Plus all previous rewards

SUPER  MEMBER:  ($20/month)

• MP3 download of 6 existing CDs

• 25% Discount on CD orders by mail
Plus all previous rewards


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10 minutes each day

Every day we post 10 minutes of live recorded calming music 


2. Choose your Monthly Membership

Your music has helped me so much with falling asleep. I have been having trouble relaxing and falling asleep, and your music is so peaceful: It is the perfect start of my nights. Thank you so much for this great tool to rest in Gods presence during my sleep! I feel more rested and have less trouble with depression and feeling stressed.
David, Taiwan

"This is so wonderful! I love having your anointed music on my phone and on my computer. Every time its new, every time it brings Gods presence. Thank you so much!"

Hanny - Canada

We use the Patreon platform which

works on any mobile device

AND computer! 

The daily app is exclusively available with a  monthly membership,

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